HBM News: 11/15/15-11/21/15

It's time for the news of the week... a little later than usual because I was too tired to work on the post last night. Anyway, we actually got a decent amount of news this week. So, yeah, onto the news.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth: So, over the past couple weeks, the Binding of Isaac fan community has been following a series of clues to discover a secret in the game. This led to a bunch of fans gathering Santa Ana, California, and finding a figure of the Shop Owner/Greed. On the figure was some clues allowing access to a special Twitter account, @iamisaacsbody, and soon after, the character Keeper was patched into the game, along with related achievements. To unlock him ,you have to put 1000 coins into the Greed Mode Donation Machine. He starts with triple shot, 2 coins, and 1 bomb, his coins are his health but he can only have up to 2, and when he gets hearts, the become blue flies. The console versions of Afterbirth are currently being worked on.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime: We now know that the Part 4 anime will be premiering in April, though Warner Bros will show a preview in December. Some of the vociea ctors have been confirmed: Jotaro and Okuyasu's VAs are returning from the previous anime and games, while Josuke, Koichi, and Rohan have all been recast. While I do like their All Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven voice actors, I'll reserve my judgment until I hear the voices in action. We also got a promo picture showing the art style, and while I personally don't really like the art style too much compared to Stardust Crusaders and the manga, I'll wait until I see it in motion to really judge it.

Koichi's nose looks... quality here, if you know what I mean
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven: We finally have official confirmation that Narciso Anasui and Part 8's Josuke Higashikata are returning from All Star Battle, while Enrico Pucci's C-Moon state is now a separate character. Also, Part 8's Joshu Higashikata. So, the full roster may have been revealed, though we do have less than a month until the game comes out in Japan, so we'll just have to wait and see. We've also got confirmation of DLC challenges, which unlock special costumes when you S-Rank them, such as Joseph's "Tequila Girl" disguise from Part 2, and Dead Man's Questions Kira.

Hyrule Warriors Legends: We've gotten some details about Linkle's story. It's going to be more behind-the-scenes, with Twili Midna and Skull Kid being involved somehow. There's also new variations of returning levels, like a daytime version of Valley of Seers, and a sunset version of Lake Hylia. Finally, returning characters will get new weapons, with Ganondorf getting his Trident, which has quick, ranged lightning attacks.

Project X Zone 2: The USA pre-order bonus has finally been revealed. Unlike the first PXZ, which had a poster, CD, and artbook, this game gets all digital stuff. We get a 3DS theme, 3 special equipment items, and 1 challenge stage.

...Alright, I guess...
PS4: The PS4 is going to be getting PS2 emulation support. That's really the only news we got there, no date or anything. Good.

So that's it for this week, hopefully we get around this level of news next week.

HBM, signing out.

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