HBM News: 11/8/15-11/14/15

Well, for once, we have quite a bit of news this week! There was a Nintendo Direct, and it was a pretty good one. Though, like always, I'm only going over the stuff that interested me personally. Anyway, onto this week's news.

Spoilers for some of the games covered here.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: So, y'know how Quiet is gone forever after you beat Mission 45? A patch was released this week that allows you to get back Quiet after she leaves. You just have to beat Mission 11 (the boss fight with Quiet) 7 times. Considering she's the best buddy, this is amazing.

Project X Zone 2: Some DLC has been announced: it's basically just really powerful equipment. Also, the game's out in Japan. But those of us who've committed the sin of born on the western hemisphere have to wait another 3 months. Good.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Now starts the Nintendo Direct news. First up, this was officially announced. The models and textures look more high-res, the game is less blurry, more colorful, brighter, and based on the Gamecube version's layout (the Wii version is mirrored). Early copies will come with a Wolf Link with Midna amiibo, and pre-ordering gets you the official soundtrack. Considering Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game (possibly 2nd to Hyrule Warriors if you count it), this is amazing. Coming 3/4/16

Also, Zelda Wii U was shown for literally a second or 2. They're still fooling themselves saying the release date is next year... yet they refuse to give us new info, like logical people would. Amazing.

Super Mario Maker: They're going to be launching a website so you can search for courses you want to play when you're away from home. You can save them to your Mario Maker account to play when you get home, so... that's cool, I guess?

Nintendo Badge Arcade: Basically, this is an iPhone-esque game (technically free but has payment options) where you crane-game badges to customize your 3DS's Home Menu with. Not really much to say about it. Out now.

Pokken Tournament: You know that Shadow Mewtwo boss that was revealed recently? The early copies of the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament are going to come with an amiibo card that unlocks him to play as. So, that's awesome. Coming Spring 2016.

That's a Super Effective incentive to pre-order.
Star Fox Zero: They gave us a trailer showing off the different vehicles and their attributes. The Arwing is more agile than the others and can turn into a Walker for ground combat. The Landmaster is slower, fires homing missiles, and can transform into the Gravmaster to fly. The Gyrowing is for stealth sections, and can use a robot, the Direct-i, to go to small spaces and get secret items. Coming 4/22/15.

Fire Emblem Fates: The games have been titles: Birthright (the good side) and Conquest (the evil side). When you buy one game, you can download the other for half-price. There's also a mysterious, third downloadable game (Revelations), and there will be more DLC. If you get the special edition, you get all 3 games, an artbook, and a 3DS XL pouch. Coming 2/19/16.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow: The first generation of Pokemon is coming to the 3DS eShop! So you Genwunners can finally relive your glory days. Also, the Link Cable bullshit has, logically, been replaced with the 3DS's Wireless Communication. Coming 2/27/16

Gold/Silver/Crystal pls
Hyrule Warriors Legends: The 5th new character has been revealed, and it's a character that almost made it into the original game: Linkle, basically a female Link with dual crossbows. Also, early copies of Legends come with a special 3DS theme. Coming 3/25/16

Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS: As covered in my previous post, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is coming to the game, with his own stage, Midgar, and a Chocobo Mii costume. Also, a Smash Bros broadcast will happen next month. We don't know when Cloud comes out, but I'm guessing same day as the broadcast.

So, that's this week's news. I love life right now.

HBM, signing out.

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