HBM News: 12/13/15-12/19/15

So, there was a decent amount of news this week. We got the final Smash Bros direct, which is kinda bittersweet, and a bit more news otherwise. Let's get on with it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: According to the team making the remake, the main scenario for Part 1 is done. That doesn't necessarily mean it's 95% done, it just means they know how much of the main story is being put into the game; they still have the side-stuff to do. Also, from a "new stuff" standpoint, the minor members of AVALANCHE (Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie) will be getting more focus and development, and Cloud's hallucinations are going to lead to something "more meaningful," in the words of the developers. Hopefully Part 1 will come out late next year.

Pokken Tournament: We're getting 4 more assist characters: Dragonite, Victini, Togekiss, and Rotom. I don't really understand the whole "assist-only" thing some fighting games have, but hey, more shit.

Super Smash Bros DLC: The final Smash direct was this Tuesday. While I posted about it, I'll sum the info up here for those of you that don't want every single detail: Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates and Bayonetta are gonna be playable and both coming February, Bayonetta comes with a stage, Cloud and Midgar were released a couple hours after the direct, a bunch of Mii costumes. So, slightly disappointing, but still pretty hype.

She also gets censored.
Hideo Kojima: Kojima has officially left Konami, and has started a new, independent Kojima Productions, which is teaming up with Sony for an all new project. So, that's cool. He's been getting screwed over by Konami all year, so it's great to see things actually go his way again.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime: The first animated preview of the Part 4 anime has gone up. While I was kinda iffy on the art style from the first promo poster, just seeing Josuke in motion was enough to change my opinion. It just has him repair a paper, walk down the street with Okuyasu and Koichi, and break through a wall, but it was pretty cool. That DORARARARARA was glorious, and I'm even more hyped for the Part 4 anime now.

Namco Bandai: They've put up a countdown, leading up to some announcement on Monday. People have speculated that maybe it's a recent God Eater game being localized, and as much as I would love that, I'm not gonna expect it.

So, that's it for this week. Happy Holidays, Merry December, have fun and don't be a dick.

HBM signing out.

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