HBM News: 1/17/16-1/23/16

It's once again time for news. We actually got a fair bit of news this week, so that's cool.

Dragon Ball Project Fusion: A brand new Dragon Ball RPG for 3DS. Apparently, this is going to be a game all about fusion, mostly original fusions, with a teaser image of Goku and Broly fusing. The game will have a chibi art style, and is coming out in Japan sometime this year. Hopefully it comes to America.

BlazBlue Central Fiction: In the Japanese arcade release, the current villain of the series, Hades Izanami, is being added on January 28th. She can stop time, so that's probably going to make her OP as fuck.

Pokemon: It was recently announced that the Virtual Console releases of the Pokemon games won't have Restore Points, like the other Virtual Console games. Instead, the Touch Screen will have a Communication Menu to replace the Link Cables. Makes sense.

Fire Emblem Fates: There's a Fire Emblem Fates themed New 3DS XL coming out the same day as the games, though it doesn't have the games pre-installed. So... yeah.
That's cool, I guess.
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: The amiibo info we got last week was officially expanded upon. The official English name of the dungeon added with Wolf Link amiibo is the Cave of Shadows. It has you play only as Wolf Link, beating it with the Giant Wallet gives you the Bottomless Wallet (9999 rupees), and you can save a record of your remaining hearts to the amiibo to try to beat that score whenever you want. The Link and Toon Link amiibo replenish your arrows, the Zelda and Sheik amiibo replenish your health, and the Ganondorf amiibo doubles your damage until you die or turn off the game. All these effects can only be activated once a day, with the possible exception of Ganondorf. Also, there were some minor things showed in a Nintendo Minute video about the game. There's now a quick-transform option so you don't have to talk to Midna to transform, there's a new item that looks like a Poe's Lantern, polygonal models have been improved, and loading times have been very slightly sped up. So, yeah, quite a bit of news here.

Street Fighter V: With an update to the PC version, the alternate costumes for all the characters were leaked. These range from pretty decent, like classic Charlie and a cop Chun-Li, to pretty cool, like an even more Aztec-inspired Necalli, and a damaged/Super-form looking M Bison.

Mortal Kombat X: The complete edition of Mortal Kombat X has been announced: It's called Mortal Kombat XL. Of course, it includes all the DLC (characters, costumes, etc), and preordering gets you a Lin Kuei outfit for Cassie Cage, and a Shirai Ryu outfit for Jacqui Briggs. This edition's coming March 1st for PS4 and XBOne only, no PC.

So, a good chuck of news this week. Hopefully we get about the same amount this next week,

HBM, signing out!

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