HBM's Top Ten Games of 2015

Well 2015 has come and gone. There were some really great games, but a bunch of the ones I got ended up being just mediocre. Either way I'm giving my Top 10 Games of 2015 here.

Quick side note: Just like my Top Ten Games of 2015 I Was Most Excited About, I'm breaking my own rule about not including re-releases, for 2 reasons: #1. This year was the first time they were released in America, and #2. I didn't play much new games from 2015 yet. Even once I have and I update this list, I'm probably going to keep the re-releases. Anyway, onto the list itself.

#10: Super Mario Maker

At first, I didn't really want this game too much... then I watched the Game Grumps' and Completionist's videos on it, and NEEDED it. In Super Mario Maker, you get to make your own Mario levels, with various original things you can add and do. While the original release lacked some important features (checkpoints, for one), updates have expanded Mario Maker into a bigger better game, worthy of Top Ten lists such as these.

#9: Splatoon

The colorful, kid-friendly shooter that took the online gaming world by storm. Again, the initial release was kinda bare-bones, but many updates have added in new modes, weapons, clothes, stages, and all kinds of things to keep you coming back to this colorful game.

#8: Godzilla

First, the movie in 2014, and now this game! Godzilla's coming back, baby! The game itself is pretty slow and takes quite a bit of getting used to, but destroying buildings and military forces while fighting giant monsters and mechs has never felt cooler. It is a bit of a mixed bag, and to be fair, it kinda evens out, so this is pretty low on the list.

#7: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

It was honestly kinda difficult decide which should be lower: Gat Out of Hell or the one at #6. I'm putting Gat Out of Hell lower because, while it is a mini-expansion of SR4 and fun as hell, it's pretty small, there's barely any story, you can beat it in less than 5 hours, and get bored with it not long after. While it is as fun as Saints Row IV, that's only for a few hours at a time.

#6: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0, the game that came out in Japan on the PSP 4 years ago is finally in America... and it's merely okay. The gameplay is an action RPG, but if you're expecting Kingdom Hearts, it takes some getting used to. There's a whole military mini-game thing going on that you can manage, only a small handful of the English voice actors are any good, and the graphics don't look much better than PS3 quality. Really the only reason Type-0 got over Gat Out of Hell was the amount of content and replayability. Other than that, this game is merely okay.

#5: J Stars Victory Vs +

From the team behind the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi games, we have a massive anime fighter, with over 50 characters from over 30 different Shonen Jump series! The gameplay is pretty solid, and while certain things can be a tad annoying (Story Mode padding, 100% on Victory Road), overall, this is a pretty fun, diverse fighter. Anime fans should definitely check it out.

#4: Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 2011 was an awesome game. Take that game, add in Injustice's environmental interactions, give us some new fighters and a new story, and we have Mortal Kombat X. We even got some cool DLC, with more coming this year! My only complaints are lack of modes, annoying trophies, lack of playable characters from MK4-Armageddon, and the return of jump-scares in the Krypt*, but other than that, this was a great follow-up to the 2011 game.

#3: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

After Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi's lackluster character creator and original story, just about all of us were left wanting something better. Now, we have Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and we can create characters with varying races, genders, and builds! The new story mode, while a little disappointing at times, is an intriguing new concept, and the new gameplay engine, for the most part, is really solid. The only real complaints I have are that some characters (Zarbon, Dodoria,Android 16, Android 19, Dr Gero, Dabura, Movie characters) and forms (2nd/3rd form Frieza, 1st/2ndCell, Gotenks/Gohan Absorbed Buu) are missing, the "MMO" structure of the world feels a bit forced and the RNG on the Parallel Quests is absolute bullshit, but otherwise, a fairly solid DBZ game. Can't wait for a sequel!

#2: Batman: Arkham Knight

Of COURSE Arkham Knight had to be really high up... if we're not talking about the PC version, because that was fucking unacceptable. Anyway, It's pretty much what we've come to expect from the Arkham franchise up to this point, with more attacks, skills, and maneuvers, as well as finally including the Batmobile. There are some minor flaws, like lack of boss battles and the Batmobile getting shoehorned into almost every part of the game, but we have gotten some cool DLC since launch. Overall, an epic conclusion to the Arkham series... OR IS IT?!?!

#1: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Yes, Metal Gear Solid V is the best game of the year. It had some of the most realistic graphics I've ever seen, an amazing open-world evolution of the classic Metal Gear formula, better base management than Peace Walker, and a pretty fun online mode! Yes, there are the minor flaws that every game has, and the twist in the true ending can turn some people off to the whole experience, but I say it's all worth it. Metal Gear Solid V is my favorite of 2015.

So, that's my Top 10 games of 2015. Next week, I'll do the games of this year I'm looking forward to. Also, yesterday, the first episode of the Super Mario Bros Z Reboot went up on Patreon to early-access donaters, and goes on Youtube on Friday. I'll have the review of it up then.

HBM, signing out!
*There's a fucking trophy/achievement for getting jump-scared.

That should NEVER be a thing outside of games 100% dedicated to them.

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