HBM News: 2/7/16-2/13/16

Once again, time for news. Not much this week, but who cares. Let's get on with here.

Pokken Tournament: It was announced that all amiibo are going to be compatible with the game, and they're used to unlock items. So, that's a thing,

Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS: Sakurai announced that the games; development is 100% complete, for good. So, no more DLC, no more balance updates, and Sakurai's taking a nice long vacation.

Street Fighter V: We actually got a bunch of Street Fighter news. The first DLC character released will be Alex, in March. There will be 1 character released per month, except June, which is when the Cinematic Story comes out. Characters will cost 100,000 Fight Money. The game will support arcade sticks from the PS3 games, though you'll need a Dualshock 4 connected to allow it. You unlock alternate outfits by beating the character stories and buying them in the store. Survival Mode will have four difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell), you use points to get power-ups, and you get alternates colors for beating Survival. Finally, Battle Tips, Trials, and the Store will be coming in March as a free update,

Sonic the Hedgehog: An official Sonic movie was announced by Sega. It will be a Live-Action/CG mix, is being co-produced by Sony, and is scheduled to come out in 2018. So, that's cool.

So, that's the news of this week. Hopefully we get more news next week.

HBM, signing out.

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