HBM News: 2/28/16 - 3/5/16

It is, yet again, time for news. We actually got quite a bit of news this week, mostly from the Nintendo Direct on Thursday, though like usual, I'm only posting about stuff I personally care about. Let's get on with it,

Mortal Kombat X: The XL update was released this week, and with it, we learned of a 3rd stage fatality, for The Kove. With this one, a Kraken-esque creature slams the loser around the pier for a bit, then drags them underwater, until their head and arms are severed... somehow. A decent stality.

Sony: The Playstation Store for the PSP is going to be shutting down at the end of the month. Makes sense, as the system basically died when the Vita came out. Still, kinda sucks.

Uncharted 4: So, Uncharted 4 has been delayed yet again, to May 10th. Even though Naughty Dog said it's basically done at this point. They're saying it's to make sure enough copies of the game are produced to meet demands. Sure, ND, whatever you say.

Nintendo: There was a Nintendo Direct on Thursday, focused on the Wii U and 3DS summer lineup. Read my thoughts on it, and what was discussed in it, here.

So, that was this week's news. My review on Project X Zone 2 will be up by Thursday night.

HBM, signing out.

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