Nintendo Direct: 3/3/16

So, there was a Nintendo Direct today. Unfortunately, there wasn't much I really cared about. So, here's what I actually paid attention to.

Star Fox Zero: So, while the gameplay is similar to Star Fox Zero, the story and map systems are apparently different. There's portals that take you to alternate paths, and there are alternate paths you can take in-level to fight different bosses. There's a 2-Player mode where 1 player flies the arwing and the other player aims and shoots. If you use the Fox amiibo, you can use the arwing from the original SNES Star Fox. Finally, early copies come packaged with another game, Star Fox Guard, where you use cameras to stop bad guys from stealing stuff, I guess.

My Nintendo: This is the new Club Nintendo, I guess. When you play apps and purchase digital games, you earn points. That's it, I guess.

Virtual Console: The New 3DS Virtual Console is getting SNES games soon. So far, 9 games are confirmed, including Earthbound, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country. So that's cool.
For those of you who want Super Mario World on a handheld... just get the GBA version instead.
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2: It was revealed that Copen, Gunvolt's rival, will be made a playable character this time around. He dashes into enemies to lock onto them, and can copy boss's abilities, like Mega Man. The game is releasing in summer.

Hyrule Warriors Legends: It was revealed that we're getting ANOTHER season pass for Hyrule Warriors Legends. Getting the Season Pass gives you a Wind Waker costume for Ganondorf, and the first character revealed for the Season Pass is Medli from Wind Waker, who will be free. If you get the Season Pass, you can also make the characters playable on the original Hyrule Warriors, so that's good.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force: Yeah, you know, that game that all Metroid fans got massively upset over? Well, they kept talking about how important this game is to the Metroid universe, and all I could think of was how everyone was yelling "GOD NO" at the screen. Anyway, the story has Space Pirates attacking a planet the Galactic Federation are investigating. You get to "choose your role," because there are items distributed among the players of the game, and you have to decide which to have because of your weight limit (for example, someone with a lot of healing items is basically the medic of the group). This game's coming late Spring.
Well... this is a thing.
Kirby: Planet Robobot: A new Kirby game for the 3DS... again. The story will have aliens mechanizing Kirby's planet. This time, the big new power-up is robo-suits that you can pilot. The suits can even use copy abilities, which is neat. There's also a mini-game called Team Kirby Clash, where you team up with other players to take down bosses.There's RPG elements (choosing your power, leveling up). There's also amiibo support: you can use amiibo to get a random ability. The game comes out June 10th.

So, that's what I was interested in from the Nintendo Direct. There was a lot more, but not much of it actually grabbed my attention. Overall, this direct was... eh.

HBM, signing out.

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