HBM News: 5/29/16 - 6/4/16

It is once more time for news. And again, there's not much news. I'm used to it at this point.

Street Fighter V: So, a character was supposed to be released this week... but wasn't. It turns out, Capcom delayed the character that was supposed to come out this month so they;re now coming out with the Cinematic Story.

As for the character them-self, it's Ibuki. She now has a schoolgirl outfit with ninja armor as her default costume. Her V-Skill is a charge-able burst wave that can push the opponent away, her V-Trigger is a bomb that can be used to do OTG combos, and her Critical Art has her launching the opponent in the air, and using... a Rasengan, I guess. Also, she's going to come with a "new" stage, Daytime Kanzuki Estate, basically a daytime version of the pre-existing Kanzuki Estate stage.

Pokemon Sun & Moon: So, the player characters designs were revealed, along with confirmation that you can customize yourself again. The professor was revealed, Professor Kukui, who's a total dude-bro. His assistant is Lillie, a blond girl described as "mysterious." One of your character's friends is Hua, a tan kid that loves food. You can scan QR codes to discover Pokemon. There's a new Pokedex type for Rotom, and the legendaries were named/typed (Solgaleo, Psychic/Steel & Lunala, Psychic/Ghost).

Shovel Knight: We got some news regarding upcoming DLC, specifically that King Knight and Specter Knight modes are in development, and the Gender Swap mode will launch alongside one of those.

So that's this week's news. Let's hope for some more soon.

HBM, signing out.

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