HBM News: 6/12/16 - 6/18/16 (Week of E3 2016)

I'm sorry this post was late, I was busy. Anyway, last week was E3, so most of the news was E3 related. I decided to combine my news post with my usual annual E3 post, because those usually basically end up being news posts anyway. Anyway, time to finally do this news.

Also, as for the conferences, I only watched Sony and Bethesda's. Sony's was almost as good as last years (a 9 as compared to a 9.5), and Bethesda's was solid, but the Dishonored 2 section at the end really dragged on.

Batman Telltale Game: There were screenshots released finally showing the art style, which looks similar to Borderlands, or the comics. We also got confirmation that Troy Baker will be voicing Batman, and Travis Willingham will be voicing Harvey Dent (currently don't know if he'll be Two-Face).

Skyrim Special Edition: So, the only reason I watched the Bethesda conference was because of a rumor that a Skyrim HD Remaster might be confirmed... and it was. Skyrim Special Edition is for next-gen consoles, has improved graphics, has PC mod support on the console versions, and is coming out October 28th... so, are you prepared for Bethesda to steal another 200-500 hours of your life? Because I am!

South Park: The Fractured but Whole: So, we finally got some new info on this game. It picks up where the previous game, Stick of Truth, left off. You still play as the New Kid, but have to regain your reputation due to the kids starting a new game. The battle system is more elaborate and similar to a Tactical RPG with a grid about 5x12 or so. You can go behind cover, push or pull enemies, knock enemies into props and each other, and your mystical farts now allow you to re-arrange the turn order. The game is coming December 6th, and the pre-order bonus is a free copy of Stick of Truth, which is cool.

I thought Civil War wasn't until Phase 3.
Watch_Dogs 2: We got a better glimpse at the gameplay, showing a mission where Marcus hacks a government meeting. You can basically tackle missions however you want, with multple little gadgets to help suit your playstyle, which is pretty cool.

Final Fantasy XV: There were a few different trailers shown for this game, one showing a boss fight against Titan, and another that was a more standard trailer... with obnoxious dubstep music. Good. Also, two more spin-offs were announced. First was FFXV VR Experience for Playstation VR, where you play as Prompto in first person. Second was A King's Tale, which is a pre-order bonus for the main game, and is a beat-em-up starring Noctis's father, Regis, in his youth. So, there's that.

God of War (PS4): Yes, a new God of War game was announced. It stars an older Kratos, teaching a boy (presumably his son) to hunt deer. Rather than the Blades of Chaos/Athena/Exile, Kratos uses a magical ax, which can return to him at will. Overall, the gameplay looks more like Uncharted or The Last of Us than God of War. Anyway, there's fights some demons and a troll, and in the end, a dragon flies by. Overall, I'm excited to see this series come back, and can't wait to see more.

Look at that manly-ass beard!
Days Gone: This game didn't really impress me too much, because it looks like a ripoff of The Last of Us. You play as some biker dude, and the only real unique thing is the fact that the zombies are in massive packs. Otherwise, it's every other zombie game you've seen at this point. Let's hope it shows more unique features later.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: There was a new trailer revealed, showing Aloy (the main character) investigating corrupted machines. It showed that the game is open world, and there's crafting, dialogue trees, enemy hacking, and specific weaknesses for all enemies. This game is looking really good.

Detroit: Become Human: This is another game from QuanticDream, the creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and was announced sometime last year. At E3 we got an interesting trailer, showing an Android detective named Connor investigating an Android that has gone rogue. As Connor, you investigate crime scenes, and just like the other QuanticDream games, your decisions change the story and have a vast amount of different outcomes. I'm actually really interested in this, though I know that like the others, Connor's sections will only be a portion of the game.

Death Stranding: This is Hideo Kojima's original new game, after leaving Konami and forming his own studio. The trailer doesn't really show anything gameplay related, and is really vague and... weird. There's a naked Norman Reedus (who was supposed to play the main character in Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills game) with a Caesarean scar (for some reason) on a dirty beach, with dead fish, a baby, and weird floating monolith things. Let's hope this ends up being really good.

Norman Reedus, with his Norman Fetus.
Spider-Man (PS4): This is an original Spider-Man game, made by InsomniacGames. Spidey has a similar suit to the one from Civil War, just with white spider symbols. We don't know much else beyond that, but we can hope it's as good as Spider-Man 2: The Game was, at least.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This is the new Zelda game. We got a crapton of gameplay shown, showing the gigantic open world (might even be bigger than Skyrim's!), some voice acting in important cutscenes, and a lot more. You can hunt, cook, and use multiple types of melee weapons and clothes. Climbing has been improved, enemies are now more intelligent, and weather actually affects you and your armor. There are over 100 dungeons/trials, each of course holding items and rewards, amiibo have been confirmed, with the Twilight Princess HD Wolf Link amiibo summoning a wolf helper... and you can finally jump voluntarily. Yeah, that was a lot of news.

The Zelda Scrolls: Skyrim Sword?
Pokemon Sun/Moon: New forms for the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala were shown, being Radiant Sun and Full Moon forms. There were also new Pokemon shown: Nekkoara (koala), Yungoos (mongoose), Pikipek (woodpecker), and Grubbin (a bug larva). The interface has been updated, showing the effectiveness of each move. There's also a new Battle Royale, where 4 players each have 3 Pokemon, and the last one to defeat an enemy wins.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: We got confirmation that Future Gohan will be playable, and Cooler was teased in a screenshot, with another screenshot showing that Guru can unlock your character's potential. Gameplay videos showed much more variation to the combos, which is cool, since the gameplay of the first Xenoverse was pretty simple.

So, that was the news of E3 2016. A bunch of cool stuff was shown, some stuff was merely okay. As always, I hope next year's E3 is cooler.

HBM, signing out!

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