Metal Gear... SURVIVE?!?!

Army-Man is Konami, the zombie is the fanbase...
Or maybe the other way around
So... Konami has finally announced their first actual video game since MGSV's release last year, and it's yet another Metal Gear game. Okay, I wanted to see how Konami would handle the series without Kojima... turns out they don't know shit about what we want and are giving us a FUCKING ALTERNATE UNIVERSE ZOMBIE GAME called Metal Gear Survive. There's just... so much wrong with this... I don't even...

So, the story here is that, after Ground Zeroes, a fucking portal to an alternate dimension appears, sucks up the remains of Mother Base and the MSF army, and transports them to a universe that is a zombie wasteland. Yes. You read that right. Metal Gear is now 2006-2015 Resident Evil.

Now, calming down and looking at this rationally, this isn't necessarily guaranteed to be the worst thing in the series. It's confirmed to be up to 4-player co-op, which is something that could mix well with MGSV-style gameplay (assuming that's what this game will play like. Considering it seems to have Fox Engine, I'm assuming it will). Hopefully we can customize our characters... and that's as far as my optimism here will go. Snake is confirmed to merely make a cameo. What's a Metal Gear game without a Snake (other than the games with Raiden. Rising is my favorite PS3 game ever)?!

Honestly, I can see this getting cancelled due to fan backlash, and as much as I could understand that... I kinda want to see how this turns out, if only because it's Metal Gear (which they're probably banking on). If it wasn't Metal Gear, I wouldn't have the slightest interest, and there wouldn't be nearly as much backlash, but... it is.

Also, I'm aware this is my first post in a month. I'll address that soon...ish.

HBM, signing out.