Final Blog Update: Kinda Goodbye, I Guess

Well, this took me awhile to stop being too lazy to do.

So, my posts slowed to a crawl back in July when I stopped doing the weekly news updates. I basically got tired of doing that every week, as you can see that I put less and less effort into them as time went on. Basically, I'm kinda burnt out on the whole Blogger thing. I'm not going to post anywhere near as frequently here any more (at most, one or two posts per month), and I'm going to rarely, if ever, review things anymore. Maybe every now and then I'll post a Top Ten, like in the olden days of a few years ago (obviously, Top Ten Games of the Year, and Games of the Year I'm Most Excited For are always gonna happen at the beginning of a year).

Anyway, that's it. Just go to my Twitter for frequent stupid shit.

HBM, signing out.