HBM's Top Ten Games of E3 2017

Yeah, I'm not doing a full E3 post this year. There was too much, so instead I'm doing this. Hell, I may just do this every year from now on.

The list will only consist of games that actually had gameplay footage shown and/or playable demos, and if they appeared at last year's E3, there has to have been notable progress made in the games development. So, sorry, no Metroid Prime 4, and no Pokemon Switch. Also, no re-releases, so no Shadow of the Colossus PS4, no Skyrim Switch/VR, no Pokken Switch, no Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga 3DS, and no Undertale PS4 (even though that could easily be #1, just for being Undertale). Anyway, onto the post

#10: Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Announced earlier this year, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite finally adds a story mode and brings the series back after a 6 year hiatus. The gameplay is fairly good... but they removed assists, and dumbed it down form 3v3 to 2v2. The roster does have awesome returning characters... but little else thus far, and no X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Spider-Man characters (yet). Some characters, like Iron-Man and Captain Marvel, look great... but then there are others, like Chun-Li and Dante, who look like they got one too many bad facelifts. Plus, WHY ARE SOME STORY CHARACTERS (Sigma, Black Panther) DLC?!?! This is a mixed bag, but it's the best team-based fighter we're gonna get... this year... (hint hint)

#9: Far Cry 5

It's been awhile since Far Cry 4, and I'm not entirely sure anybody even played Far Cry Primal, so now is the perfect time for a new one. Yes, this game was revealed sometime ago, but it did appear at E3, and some (little, but still) gameplay was shown. You're in a corrupted city in Montana, leading a rebel force against stereotypical over-religious redneck dipshits that destroyed the place. There's plenty of allies to assist you, and co-op, of course, returns, so it should be good fun.

#8: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Order was an amazing game that revitalized a classic series, as well as the old-school FPS genre. This looks to be more of the same Nazi-killing goodness as before... and that's perfectly fine.* BJ has somehow survived the previous game, but now the Nazi woman from the previous game is back for revenge. Now the whole world is out for our heroes and their ancient Yiddish tech, complete with badass Iron Man suit for the now seemingly crippled Blascowicz. Hey, it's more shooting Nazis, what more could you ask for?!

#7: Assassin's Creed Origins

Ubisoft was definitely wise to take an extra year to develop their new Assassin's Creed game, because this is the best the series has looked since Black Flag. The setting goes to Ancient Egypt, taking us to the origins of the Assassin brotherhood (hence, the title). There are new RPG mechanics, you can use an eagle to scout out the area, the combat is much more methodical and strategic, there's just a lot of new stuff (for an AssCreed, anyway). Let's hope they don't somehow fuck it up.

#6: Fire Emblem Warriors

There's really not much to be said here. It's another Warriors game, but with Fire Emblem characters. Sure, it sucks that they're mainly drawing from 3 games (kinda like what they did with Hyrule Warriors), but these games never fail to disappoint me. I'm just a sucker for that Hack'n'Slash-RPG action.

#5: Metroid: Samus Returns

It's been years since the last good Metroid game, and every year, we Metroid fans pray to the gaming gods that Nintendo will stop neglecting our beloved series and give Samus the return she deserves. Last year, they utterly blew it with a stupid co-op spin-off with little-to-no Samus, but this year, we got the announcement of not only Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, but also a 2.5D Metroid game for 3DS: Metroid: Samus Returns. It's basically a "re-imagining" of Metroid 2, but with mechanics from later games in the series, extra lore, a new melee counter-attack, and (GASP) elevators that let you quickly return to previous areas?! It's like a game with extensive backtracking actually needed that addition or something! This is what fans of the series have been waiting for for almost a decade! Hopefully this (and Prime 4) can resurrect what was thought to be a totally dead series!

#4: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

I know, this is technically a re-release, but it's the first time this game is coming to the US. In fact... that's basically the only reason it even makes the list. I admit, this is fanboy bias speaking, since Dissidia 012 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but it's about damn time we got this game. Sure, there are still many characters missing (the roster isn't even half-done yet), but the combat still looks tight, the summons actually appear instead of only affecting your BRV, and it's now 3v3! And speaking of 3v3...

#3: Dragon Ball FighterZ

If Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is the Batman V Superman of team-based fighting games, then Dragon Ball FighterZ looks to be the Dark Knight of the genre. This is, without a doubt, the prettiest DBZ game I've ever laid my eyes on, with Arc System Works putting their Guilty Gear Xrd credentials on full display. It's a 3v3, team-based, 2.5D traditional fighting game, with Dragon Ball characters! The love for the series can be felt with every frame of animation, and every minor reference. You can deflect ki blasts which destroy the background, knock the opponent into the air for ludicrous combos, and, as usual with DBZ games, destroy the planet with massive attacks that can be seen from space. Even non-Dragon Ball fans have been singing their praises for this game, it looks that amazing! And the crazy thing is, it's only about 20% finished! So the insane amount of polish already present could end up being increased as development progresses! This is the fighting game to look out for next year, for sure.

#2: Spider-Man (PS4)

Say it with me, everyone: Spider-Man: Arkham City. Yes, Spidey seems to have taken some pointers from the Caped Crusader on how to make a successful video game. Not that the obvious mimicry is a bad thing, considering the Arkham games are among the best of the last, and current, console generations. The game does seem to be Arkham, with web-slinging being used all over the place, whether it be stealth, combat, or city traversal. Really, this is probably going to be the best Spidey game since Spider-Man 2: The Game... from over a decade ago.

#1: Super Mario Odyssey

Yes, the new Mario does look good enough to top an Arkham ripoff. It turns out you can throw Mario's hat onto enemies, NPCs, or even inanimate objects to possess them. This, on top of the Mario 64-esque openness to the game, as well as the outfit customization, look to push this to being one of the best Mario games in recent history.

So, that's my Top Ten games of E3. Don't expect another post out of me for quite a while.

HBM, signing out.
*Kinda fitting for this to be announced at a time when Neo-Nazism is more prominent than ever, isn't it?

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